The Story of You and D3 At Sea

A light breeze washes across your face as you walk the streets of your newfound home. Candle light flickers in the lamp posts and the clatter of merchant stalls being closed up for the evening fills the air. Thanks to the tip from the City Gate Guard, you are making your way to the local tavern, “All Out Ale”… You were told to see Hergvold the barkeep as this was the place to be for any newcomer to seek adventure!

After a few moments, you see your destination as people are filing in after their long day at work at the port. The smell of rich spiced foods fills your nostrils upon entering, as does the smell of flowing ale. You look about hastily, grabbing a seat at a corner table in order to keep eyes one everyone as they continue to stream in.

Immediately a young waitress comes over and with a curtsey she introduces herself… “Welcome outlander! My name is Ingvold. What can I get for you?” she asks with a large grin. You look over her shoulder at a rather large gentleman tending bar behind her and respond, “I think I’m here to speak with him.”

She turns toward the bar following your eyeline and immediately recognizes her father, Hergvold. “Oh you need to speak to pop pop? HEY POP POP! There’s a man here wanting to talk with you!”  Immediately you squirm at her shout as you had planned to avoid unwanted attention. Meanwhile this lumbering giant of a man makes his way to your table as Ingvold departs.

Polishing a glass in his hand he eyes you warily. After a brief moment’s pause, he smiles and exclaims, “Hello stranger! What brings you to Hergvold’s fine establishment, All Out Ale?” You relax a bit thanks to his jovial tone and reply, “I’ve just come from inland and am seeking untold adventure and riches! The guard Avery at the gate sent me here… Am I in the right place?”

An enormous smile spreads across his face as he shouts to his daughter, “Ingvold! Remind me next time Avery pops in that his next drink is on the house!” With an agile grace defying his size he spins a chair around and has a seat… “Well if it’s adventure you want mate, it’s adventure we can supply!”

He immediately tells you the tale of the massive ship that had just put into port calling for adventurers to assist with various missions. “The Bliss they call her… the absolute finest ship sailing these seas! She is certainly a sight to behold! So large in fact that the captain has a first, second, and third mate! Evidently each is responsible for a different adventuring party when they set sail! So what adventure you want to join is really up to you!”

Intrigued by this odd arrangement you reply, “What do you mean?” 


The levels of adventure are explained by Hergvold...
“Well, the Third Mate, he watches over the crew for the RARE adventuring party. That’s for those folks that want to go on a grand adventure but not get too close to the action if ya know what I mean. Unfortunately, since you won’t be doing any adventure proper, you don’t get a guide, but you do get to celebrate with the adventurers and their guides every day! 


Then there is the Second Mate and his adventuring party who handle the EPIC adventuring. They aren’t quite as seasoned as the First Mate but definitely capable of leading you on a grand adventure to be sure! With them you will get teamed up with a guide of your choice but only after the First Mate’s crew picks theirs.” After a moment his voice drops to a whisper as he leans in towards you… 


“Lastly is the First Mate and his LEGENDARY crew of adventurers… If you want adventure on a truly LEGENDARY scale with some of the absolute best guides the world has ever seen, well then, the First mate and their crew are the place you want to be!”

“Now don’t get me wrong stranger, there will be fun and frivolities a plenty aboard The Bliss for the duration of your journey… From something called Dungeonoke where you get to be the storyteller by song, and the guides doing an Improvisational Adventure, to a Scavenger Hunt for hidden riches, and never forget the sit and listen to the the stories of all the guides along this amazing journey on the seas. All the guides will be giving you wisdom as we sit near the ocean for story telling (panels). The adventure starts from the moment you board the ship! We will even have the opportunity for you to sit and chat with their guides about what they do and some of their past adventures!”

You ponder your options for a moment and a question springs to mind… “Why the three different crew?” A bit deflated that his pitch didn’t hook you immediately, Hergvold answers, “Well ya see dependent upon which crew you pick to join, the bigger their cut of the rewards!”

“You can travel with the Third Mate and their crew of RARE adventurers and be able to enjoy all The Bliss has to offer, celebrating with the guides daily, without having to dirty your hands adventuring with the guides and their cut is (insert dollar amount here).”

“If ya be wanting to travel with the Second Mate and their EPIC crew and get the second choice of your guide and a bit less swag, then their cut is (insert dollar amount here).”

“If ya want to go ALL OUT and get the absolute best possible experience with some of the world’s greatest guides and LOADS of swag, then you will want to join the First Mate and their LEGENDARY crew! I promise ya you won’t be disappointed! Their cut of the rewards is (insert dollar amount here).”

You sit silently a moment debating and with a broad grin to match his broad shoulders Hervold stares at you.  “SO! What will it be stranger? Are you ready for the adventure of a LIFETIME?! If so then all ya need to do to join the crew of The Bliss is choose your cabin and with it, the level of adventure YOU want… Are you ready?”

A smile finally makes its appearance on your face and you reply…

  • What is included in the cost of registration?

    Leading up to the cruise, we will work with you to develop your character and prepare for the game if you need assistance. When you arrive, you will receive a character kit, including swag from our sponsors. There are no hidden fees and no additional costs.


    Cruise Portion per

    What does my cruise fare include?

    • Accommodations
    • Transportation to some of the most beautiful places on earth via cruise ship
    • Dedicated Kids & Teen (ages 3-17) programming & spaces during at sea days until 10:30 pm and from departure until 10:30 pm during port days
    • Meals in one of our many complimentary dining venues
    • 24-hour Dining venue (on select ships)
    • Room service menu items (convenience charge may apply)
    • Outdoor Buffet (on select ships)
    • Pool Bar and Grill (on select ships)
    • Coffee Bar (regular coffee and pastries included, specialty coffees at nominal extra charge)
    • Iced Tea, some juices in the buffet (for breakfast), regular coffee, tea and ice water
    • All entertainment onboard (with the exception of dinner and lunch theater entertainment)
    • Art Auctions
    • Poolside activities
    • Access to fitness facilities
    • Select onboard presentations
    • Sports Court activities
    • Use of outdoor pools and hot tubs
    • In-stateroom TV programming (except for on-demand movies)
    • Phone calls onboard the ship (stateroom to stateroom)
    • Use of private Studio Lounge if staying in Studio accommodations on Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Epic, Pride of America, Norwegian Getaway and Norwegian Escape
    • Suite Guests receive additional amenities, based on the category of accommodation.


    The following items are not included in the cruise fare:

    • Service Charges/Gratuities
    • Meals in Specialty Restaurants
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Sodas and some other non-alcoholic beverages
    • Spa and Salon Services
    • Exercise classes
    • Casino
    • Dining Entertainment
    • Transfers (unless pre-purchased with air/sea packages)
    • Hotel Stays pre-/post-cruise (unless pre-purchased)
    • Shore Excursions
    • Photography
    • Internet Access
    • Baby Sitting Services
    • Specialty Onboard Seminars
    • Art purchases
    • Gift shop purchases
    • Video Arcade
    • Phone calls off the ship
    • Wi/Fi & Satellite connection for tablets, phones/mobile devices
    • Laundry Services
    • Use of the Medical Center
    • Government taxes, port expenses, and fees
    • Convenience Charge for Room Service (does not apply to The Haven and Norwegian Suites)
  • Can I bring my kids with me?

    The minimum age for attending the retreat is 14. Children over that age are welcome to attend and will be considered registrants of the event. It is possible an exception may be made for children close to 14 years of age, who are keen to participate in the gaming and who are able to conduct themselves as adults. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a registered, responsible adult.”

  • I've never played a TTRPG (Tabletop Role Playing Game) or DnD (Dungeons & Dragons) before. Will I still be able to enjoy this?

    Of course! We will work with you before you arrive, and hold your hand throughout the cruise as needed. The specific game will be new to everyone, and the DM will be there the whole time at the table to assist you. We’ll explain everything you need to know and make sure you have a great time even if you’ve never played before.

  • Who is behind this event?

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  • Who are the DMs or GMs?

    Dungeon Masters (DMs), also called Game Masters (GMs) are the people that run the games. They ensure everyone has fun and that the story plays out well. We have profiles of individual celebrity DMs on our site. All DMs will be very experienced with new and venerated players; will have a story centric mentality rather than rules intensive; and will make sure everyone is having fun. We are providing some of the greatest DMs in the world to run the games for the cruise. You will be able to select your DM, subject to space at their table, months in advance. Table prioritization is given the earlier you book!

  • What kind of game will it be?

    This game will be focused on simplicity and fun for a variety of players. The main point is to play on a cruise and have a fun time with amazing people! DMs will be focusing on a story driven game at their tables. Rules lawyering will be adjudicated swiftly and fairly.

  • How long will we play each day?

    Each special guest DM assigned to a group will be running two 4-hour sessions each day – a morning session and afternoon session. Based on several factors, including your order of reserving a spot (Table Prioritization is given the earlier you book), the DM’s group you are assigned to, your submitted preference, availability, etc, you will participate in one of those slots each day. That means 4 days of gaming for a total of 16 hours with a WORLD CLASS DM!

  • Will there be other things going on?

    We have all sorts of special events planned during non gaming time so keep your eyes peeled to the horizon for the for the next announcement of high seas adventure! Not to give anything away, but have you ever heard the term “Dungeonoke”?

  • Do I have to play every session?

    You are requested to attend all your table’s sessions – your party will undoubtedly need your skills during every minute of the campaign. Exclusive D3AtSea activities planned during all other sessions are optional – though we think you will enjoy everything we plan to put together for your special VIP experience.

  • I keep seeing VIP Experience - what is that and is it some kind of upcharge to get more of my hard earned money?

    If you are a member of this exclusive group on board the Norwegian Bliss, then you are already part of the VIP experience – and it doesn’t cost you more, it just means you get more.  Cruise ships provide a lot of incredible entertainment and fun activities for its passengers, which you have access to enjoy just like everyone else on the ship. But unlike everyone else on the ship, YOU are getting special VIP perks.  You will learn about some of those perks when you register (like unlimited beverage packages, specialty dining opportunities, etc) and you’ll learn about some over the next several months and on the ship (like reserved dining with preferred seating, pre-registration for some of the big shows, exclusive D3AtSea events and parties, one of the best swag bags in the game thanks to our incredible corporate sponsors, access to insider tips & tricks, as well as, an the D3AtSea team, who can help you with questions or any issues that you may need to navigate with the ship.  We hear from previous guests of our groups that is the most valuable perk of all – having an actual person(s) available who’s entire goal for the week is to make sure you have the most stress-free, fun vacation ever!

    Again, these VIP perks are part of your VIP Experience regardless of what level of game play you register for (Legendary, Standard, or Social)…just try not to flaunt it to the other passengers who paid more than you for less! 😉



B David Walters

Position: Special Guest DM - Legendary Class
D3AtSea Campaign Level: Legendary Only
Campaign Theme: TBD
Slots Available in Party: Yes
B. Dave Walters is a Storyteller & proud Scoundrel American. He is best known for playing Victor Temple on Vampire the Masquerade: LA by Night, and as the Storyteller for Long Beach by Night. He is the writer of Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish for IDW comics, and creator and DM of the Shadow of the Red Rage streaming show for Wizards of the Coast. Gaming style: High level, high emotion; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll crit. I specialize in campaigns where there are no throw away characters. You’ll have the power to destroy a city but will think twice about fireballing a goblin just trying to feed its family.

B David Walters

Special Guest DM - Legendary Class

B. Dave Walters is a Storyteller & proud Scoundrel American. He is best known for playing Victor Temple on Vampire




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